Eddie and Ranjana Appoo created this page in response to a common question that they often get asked, “What can I do for…?”

The plan is to build a resource of empowered suggestions and possibilities that:

  • Provide you with practical solutions
  • Signpost you to useful information
  • Focus on Sustainability
  • Support Humanity
  • Align with goodness
  • Share a bit of news about what we are up to, what our friends are up to and how together we are bringing about positive change

If you have a question that you would like Eddie and Ranjana to answer, then do get in touch with them on their Together We CAN Facebook Page or you can join their Facebook group and they will do their best to answer them.

Q. I am really troubled by the wars that are occurring now what can i do to help myself feel calmer, and help others?

There are several things that you can do, here are 4 things to get you started:

  1. Infinitise, so that you can stay detached and empowered to take positive action, more information about this can be found at:
  2. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques, we have put together a video on YouTube to get you started on thisclick here – If you want to learn more about EFT please go to and get the Free EFT Manual. The EFT Set-up phrases we used are:
    • Even though there is so much hate, anger, fear, powerlessness, and differences in our world today, we choose to embody peace
    • Even though there is so much conflict and confusion, we choose to be loving and compassionate
    • Even though it is easy to get pulled into the drama and pain, we choose to be detached and take responsible and kind action.
  3. Choose an attitude of forgiveness over vengeance
  4. Chant, prayers and mantras create powerful vibrations that bring about change. We have put together a 14 minute YouTube video that will help you do this

Q. I am confused about the Detachment Process and the Infinity Exercise, can you please explain the process?

Have a look at this video, it is a condensed summary of our book – Detachment – The Secret to infinite Peace. It will clarify the process and the use of the infinity exercise.

When you are affected by stressful emotions and life becomes difficult, detachment is one of the ways to make life easier to live. Detachment allows us to live in the present, free to make good choices, focus on harmony and avoid getting entangled in unnecessary drama. We have created the LiberatingTouch Detachment Process to help you experience life peacefully.

Once you have watched the video…

Just to be clear – You can use the infinity exercise on its own, anytime, anywhere, to give you space when you are affected by negative emotions, or people. When you are caught in a particular behaviour, or tripping up constantly, being stressed by a situation over and over again, do the COMPLETE Detachment Process, starting with STEP 1 as outlined in our book Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace, to find out what you need to detach from.

Q. I have got the book – Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace – and cannot find the audios mentioned, where are they?

Apologies, we recently updated our websites and all the links have changed. Here is the link for the Detachment Process Audios and more. They can be found at: Hope this helps, Lovingly, Ranjana

4 LiberatingTouch® Videos to bring lightness and peace into your life

Q. How can i cope with overwhelm?

One of the hurdles to wellness that people encounter is overwhelm. Overwhelm is one way of sabotaging inspired activity.

This quicki exercise may help: Inhale. Exhale, imagine that you are stepping into the present moment. Inhale, feel yourself return to the clarity of this moment. Pause. Exhale, let go of the story, the stuff, the pressure. Inhale, remember, you CAN. Exhale, you can let go just for this moment.

3 Bed-friendly yoga poses to help you meet overwhelm, reset your emotional state, and stretch your spine gently

Pose 1: Knees-to-Chest – Gathering myself and accepting where I am now

Lay on your back, then slowly bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. Use your arms to gently squeeze in your legs.

Note: Your back should lay flat on the bed, so if your back lifts at all, ease up on the stretch…

None of these poses should be uncomfortable, so listen to your body. Don’t ever push past what feels good.

Why it works: This pose offers relief from excess air in your digestive system, which can help ease gas and bloating.

Pose 2: Happy Baby – Choosing to reconnect to your innate joy

Lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Grab the outer edges of your feet. Try your best to lift your feet up in the air above your knees, or as far as you can go. Giggle.

Why it works: This pose helps open your inner thighs and helps ease aches in your lower back.

Note: To avoid neck strain, rest your head on a pillow. If you can’t reach your feet, that’s OK! Just use an exercise strap or towel to achieve the pose.

Pose 3: Child’s Pose – Rest in the knowing you are love

Begin on your hands and knees, facing down. Sit your hips on your ankles and let your chest touch the tops of your thigh. Extend your arms out in front of you, and let them rest on the bed. Relax your neck and shoulders.

Why it works: This popular “reset” pose helps stretch your spine, thighs, hips, side body, and ankles, while also calming the mind.

There you have it — in under 3 minutes, you can give your body a much-needed daily stretch.

When you’re done, don’t be surprised if you feel more limber, relaxed, resilient and focused for the remainder of the day.

Q. I often experience an energy drain, especially mid-afternoon slump, what can I do for this?

Here are some tried and tested solutions:

1. Hydrate

There is a chance you may be dehydrated. Dehydration can be a reason for exhaustion. Drink some water.

2. Take a nap

This my favourite but it is not always possible. So then, I look for a way to get into nature.

3. Get into nature

Green spaces are magical, breathing deeply in a garden or woods is restorative, while doing this you may want to hold your fingers.

4. Practice some Jin Shin Jyutsu

Hold your fingers one at a time, simply place the fingers of one hand in the centre of your other palm and exhale down the front to the tips of your toes and inhale up the back to the top of your head. Rest here. But this too may not be possible. This brings me to the superfast quicki lift – Gratitude.

5. Feel Grateful

Share your genuine appreciation of someone. Give someone a complement or words of support and encouragement. Share the love.
In fact, a study published in the Harvard Business Review showed that a positive interpersonal reaction will boost your energy WAY more than a chocolate bar… or a cup of coffee.

6. Laugh

Even thinking about laughing is energising.

7. Essential Oils

This is another favourite of mine, keep a roller bottle of an uplifting and energising blend of essential oils and rub it on your wrists, ankles, and nape of your neck – breathe it in deeply. I am a bit of a purist, so I like single oils, and depending on the day, my go to oils for energy are either: DoTerra Lavender, Green mandarin, Bergamot or Grapefruit.

Q. When I see the news, I feel quite powerless, especially when I see images from the war, what I can do?

There are many things that you can do. Support a charity that brings shelter, clothes and food to those in need. Decide to buy products from companies that support local communities and the planet. Make kindness and contentment your way of being, this will ripple out into the world. And pray. The power of prayer is beyond imagination. Eddie and I often lead chanting and meditation sessions for global harmony and peace. You can access recordings of our latest offerings here:

Q&A on Facebook Live

From May to July 2020, Eddie and Ranjana hosted a weekly Facebook Live, answering questions and sharing some of their journey. If you would like to see some of these short videos here is a link to the videos:

We invite you to join our Facebook group “Love Truth and LiberatingTouch” if you would like to participate in the conversation.

6 contemplative audios

Created in February 2020 for our Facebook Group Members

Audio 1: A Guided Visualization for Relaxation

The Liquid Light Relaxation Visualisation

This audio is to help you relax and rest.

Audio 2: A Contemplative LiberatingTouch Protocol for Harmonious Relationships

A loving contemplation with Mahatma Gandhi’s words “I offer you peace”

Week 2’s Audio is for bringing harmony into our relationship with the world within and the world around us. The words come from Mahatma Gandhi’s prayer for peace. You can use this after the relaxation audio or simply as a standalone, it is under four and a half minutes.

Audio 3: A Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Meditation

Opening to the Power of Safety Energy Lock 15

This audio invites you to become aware of the rhythm of life in your body

Audio 4: Contemplating The Hug

The Hug

Giving yourself a hug. This Swara [Breath] Yoga Mudra can help dramatically enhance breathing and take one to a place of transcendental universal consciousness (ONENESS). In Jin Shin Jyutsu it is a self-help that can bring about the experience of total harmony. It is incredibly powerful. Many many reasons to start hugging yourself!

Audio 5: Supporting you Heart

This audio is to support your heart and give you an opportunity to accept, let go, forgive and be free to experience gratitude.

Audio 6: The Tree Integration Meditation

This audio is to help you feel centred and connected to Nature

Something to make you smile

Launching The Hug Club – 18.03.2020

The Hug Club has been founded by LiberatingTouch Co-Creator Ranjana Appoo in response to the global pandemic, with its many necessary restrictions, voluntary isolation, and social abstinence/distancing. Perhaps, it is time to embrace the uncertainty, the unknown and witness the unfolding. Time to embrace ourselves and the infinite healing possibilities of Love and Truth

The Hug Club Rules of Engagement

  1. The first rule of Hug Club, tell everyone about the Hug Club
  2. Self-hugging a minimum of seven times a day is recommended
  3. As you embrace yourself, remind yourself that you are held in LOVE, you are loving, loveable and loved, every part of you, including any unwanted aspects is healed in this Love
  4. Smile with your whole being as you hug yourself
  5. When you hug yourself remember that you are the hugging the entire universe
  6. Don’t forget how it feels to hug someone, practice with pillows, preferably a Tree
  7. Never hug another person, unless they give you permission and want to hug you
  8. When the time comes to hug another human being, remember to wash your face and hands before and after each hug
  9. No kissing of any kind
  10. The embrace needs to be gentle and firm all at once
  11. No squeezing, gyrating, stroking or undue rubbing
  12. Do not touch the face
  13. Remember that we are all connected, as ONE being, when one suffers, we all suffer, when the ONE is held in Joy and Peace, we are all held in JOY and Peace
  14. Ask yourself with each self-hug, “What if I could open to embracing uncertainty now?”
  15. Ask yourself with each self-hug, “What if I could open to embracing myself and this moment now, and all the changes that are coming into my life now?”

Q. I am going in for surgery soon, and am feeling quite stressed, can you help me?

If you have some time before surgery, i.e. a week or more, i recommend getting in touch with an EFT International Practitioner in your area, check out to find an accredited practitioner. If you feel comfortable with the practitioner, ask them to help you manage the stress and prepare for surgery.

Personally, I like to do some EFT self-help and have Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions before any medical intervention, it prepares my body, mind and spirit for the changes. If you have less than 48 hours to prepare then, i recommend holding your fingers, one after the other, for 5 to 20 minutes, whenever you can. This is a Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help practice that will calm and soothe. It may be be an idea to checkout Astrid’s flows for life youtube channel: . She reveals the value of holding the fingers beautifully.

Infinite gratitude to the Jin Shin Jyustu Practitioner Community for making this diagram available.

Q: Where can i find good information about essential oils? Where do i begin my study about essential oils? Where is the best place for me to buy them?

There are so many great websites and books on the benefits of essential oils. We are going to signpost you to the ones that we rely on. A good place to begin is to contact Marisha, she has created a wonderful eBook titled: Nourish by Scent. This is a great intro guide on the uses of essential oils. If you want to get in touch with her, use her contact page:

We recommend DoTerra Essential oils as a way of creating and maintaining good health. We get the products at wholesale prices. If you want to do the same, click on this link. To get the discounted price you have to click on “Join & Save” which is at the top of the website page. Then choose wholesale customer (there will be a worthwhile £25 join-up fee) . Fill in your details and you are in and ready to shop. Or you can just click on the shop link and get the products at the retail price. These products are incredibly pure and potent and some of them can be ingested. DoTerra means gift of earth and these essential oils truly are a gift of astonishing power.

Q: What can I do for staying calm under pressure?

A: Exhale and then inhale gently. Your breath is the most calming accessible power you have. The more conscious you are of it, the more space you will create in your life.

Another favourite practical exercise to detach from stress and stay clear, focused and calm under pressure is what we like to call infinitising also known as the “infinity exercise”. Infinitising is a visualisation exercise that you can do anywhere at any time.

The Infinity Exercise Diagram

The ‘Infinity Exercise’ is a visualisation technique which is also a component of the LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process. Visualise or imagine that you are in one loop of a large ‘Infinity symbol’ and the object, symbol or person that you need to detach from is in the opposite loop of the ‘Infinity symbol’. You then visualise a ‘white serpent of light’ moving along the path of the ‘Infinity symbol’ (clockwise or counter-clockwise), looping around you and then looping around the ‘other’, as illustrated in the diagram.

As you do this your thoughts will create a vortex of energy spinning around you in one direction and spinning around the loop in front of you in the opposite direction. Physics tells us that objects spinning in opposite directions cannot come together but will pull apart. A vortex will also pull everything to its centre, just like water in a sink which spirals as it drains out. When we do this exercise, we are communicating to the subconscious, in symbolic language, to deprogram our attachment to the object, person or symbol in the loop opposite us. Therefore, the subconscious will free the energy locked in the conditioned process and allow us to reclaim our power. In effect, it is breaking the pattern of control (fear).

This exercise can be used, whenever you feel that you are reacting to someone or something, even during a phone call, or when conversing with someone. All you have to do is put yourself in one loop of the Infinity symbol, and the person or object in the other loop and visualise the ‘white serpent of light’ going along the path of the ‘Infinity symbol’, till your reaction stops, or till you experience serenity.

This one visualisation can help you at any time to create space, so that you can respond to any situation/person with clarity and strength. We all know how easy it is to get enmeshed in irate conversations, to be triggered by a remark, or to feel pressured. If in that moment, you remember to visualise, think, or even trace the Infinity symbol with your fingers, and imagine that you are in one loop, and the distressing/annoying/confusing issue/person is in the other loop; you can instantly create the breathing space you require to disengage from the story and take inspired action. The use of the Infinity Exercise is colloquially referred to as infinitising.

Q: It all feels so hopeless, climate change, war, disease, famine, what is the point of doing anything?

As long as you let your fear shadow your thoughts, then it will feel hopeless. As soon as you focus on love, possibilities open up and anything is possible.

Here are a couple of links to Thich Nhat Hanh’s thoughts on how important it is for us to focus on love. These are enlightening.

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: only love can save us from climate change

Thich Nhat Hanh’s statement on Climate Change for the United Nation

Here are 8 steps you can take to make an impact NOW

  1. Practice Detachment
  2. Be Patient
  3. Opt for plastic free options
  4. Forgive
  5. Choose Love
  6. Become a Vegetarian
  7. Let go of resentment and regret
  8. Plant trees

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