Wellness and Joy

Tis the season for a blog

I want to ask you –

Is wellness selfless or selfish?
I suppose it really depends on what wellness means to you?
Can we truly be well as long as we only are thinking of ourselves?

Joy is a great barometer of wellness. Joy is infectious. Spreading joy is a wonderful service. If you are experiencing and expressing joy, the chances are you are enjoying a sense of wellness.

Time waits for Norman

Did anybody ever say this to you – “Time waits for no man”? For years I (mis)heard this as, “Time waits for Norman”. I remember thinking Norman must have some special powers. Wouldn’t you love it if time waited for you while you did the dishes? While you slept? While you watched another episode of whatever floats your boat? Time is magical and mental. Without time, there is no story.

One of the most common stress statements Eddie and I come across is – I don’t have enough time, i don’t have the space.

My wellness reframe is – All in good time, i am in the space i need to be right now

The Wellness Relationship with Time and Space is wonderfully Zen
Time – Trust in (the perfection) Now
Space – Expansiveness IS (within)

Start the day with Love

Here is something that my Beloved Guru – Sathya Sai Baba often repeated, it has served me well on my wellness journey –

Start the day with Love

Fill the day with Love

End the day with Love

That is the way to God

For me this has become –

Start the day with Love – Meditate, chant, pray, heal, imagine, commune, connect, rest and trust.

Fill the day with Love – Work, play, eat, interact, be, do, flow, dance, stretch, sing, create, adore, worship, nurture, shop, surf, surrender, rest and let go.

End the day with Love – Meditate, chant, pray, heal, imagine, commune, connect, rest and surrender

That is the way to Truth – Realisation
That is the way to Bliss – Perfection
That is the way to God – Oneness  

Whenever, I get out on the “wrong” side of bed, I ask myself, what would be truly loving now, and most times, it’s smiling at myself, here I go again, my drama, my, my, MY. Even when I am in pain this has worked for me. Returned me to Love.

Before I turn the spotlight onto Deborah Lacy, I want to thank all the Global Team of LiberatingTouch Facilitators for making 2022 a year of love and learning. You make my heart sing. Thank you.

Turning the spotlight on Deborah Lacy

Deborah is all about wellness and living life to the full. She is a swimming champion, netball player, artist, singer, teacher, art psychologist, mother and of course a LiberatingTouch Facilitator. Her skills are too numerous to list. Her life experience gives her a deep sense of perspective and empathy. Deborah has a way engaging with life that is refreshing and empowering. She is only available during school holidays, but well worth booking even if it is months in advance. Her email address is: deborah_lacy@btinternet.com or you can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DeborahLacyTherapy

I leave you today with a short poem I wrote recently –

Infinite Sweetness

A dream with you
in a dream with me
God’s love through eternity
an infinite sweetness
of imagination
Joy flows and overflows
ripples gold
A river of peace
in perfection
it is real
And unreal
Home IS
Infinite Self

Till our next encounter, Love and blessings, Ranjana

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