Wellness and Truth

This is going to be a much shorter blog. Having written a blog on Wellness and Love, I am compelled to write one on wellness and Truth. From experience I know, how unwell I feel when I am not honest with myself or those around me. It is as if a rot begins to set in and illness follows. Lies, deceit, denial are all cousins of fear and they disconnect us from our Source of Power – Truth. In this journey of life once truth is your guiding principle, love flows all around you and within you, filling you with joy and a profound sense of wellness.

The Power of Honesty

In today’s world, it is not easy to come across real honesty. I meet people who justify their “white” lies, manipulate laws, buy fake certificates, all for the sake of convenience and selfish profit. These add up, they build up as wounds in our consciousness and become barriers to peace. When we sacrifice people and the planet for profit, the truth is compromised or worse sacrificed at the altar of self-interest. If we want to regain the power of honesty, we need to put goodness and God first, people and the planet next, and finally profit and self-interest. There is nothing wrong with the latter, it’s only an issue when selfishness is put first (made a priority).

Eddie and I come across this little nugget from our clients to justify dishonesty, “the truth hurts”. Sure, sometimes it does, but that is not a good reason to lie. There are times when you are called to be tactful, sensitive, perhaps silent, but it is never ever a good idea to play along with a lie, to make people feel better. There are going to be times in your life when you are going to need to draw on courage to be honest.

Relative Truth and Absolute Truth

Truth from a material and mental standpoint is constantly changing, it is relative. This is natural, we are constantly growing and learning. A good example of this is science, what is true today may not be true tomorrow. Regardless, we follow what we know. However, if we don’t weigh-in with our conscience and intuition then the politics of control take over, and once again we lose sight of what matters. Our conscience and intuition are how we can discern and act effectively (and efficiently) according to what we know, what we believe to be true in the moment.

Within this impermanence (creation) and surrounding this cosmos, is the Absolute Truth (God in whichever nameless or named form you attribute to THAT) – the One Consciousness that permeates all time and space is beyond all that we sense, imagine, know, or understand. Everything is good, everything is God.

When we understand, in nature (creation) everything is relative, it is our innate goodness that reveals the presence of the absolute, we delight in the Love of THAT which created us. Truth is the Source of Love and Love is the river that longs to return to the Ocean of Truth. When we dive into this well of knowing, Oneness and wellness merge into each other.

Won’t you come and sip the waters of Oneness from the well of Love and Truth?

Turning the Spotlight on Dwi Santini

Dwi is one of the recently graduated LiberatingTouch Facilitators. A mother of 3 young lads, a spa director, and a wellness educator, she is dedicated to the path of Truth. Working in the corporate world of luxury spas and luxury hotels, she is constantly finding ways to introduce and integrate the spiritual qualities of compassion and kindness within her day-to-day responsibilities. As a LiberatingTouch facilitator Dwi listens, pays attention, reflects and then guides her clients to empower themselves. She walks her talk; she faces life’s challenges with the strength of her intuitive connection to God (Love and Truth) and her desire to serve.

Email: Dwi.santini@hotmail.com

That’s all for now, Till our next encounter, Love and Joy, Ranjana

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