Wellness and LOVE

For me wellness is all about Love. Joy is the spontaneous expression of unconditional Love. When I experience a disconnect from innate joy, I experience a disconnect from wellness.

What is Love?

This is a big question. How do you define that which is beyond understanding, beyond what can be grasped, quantified or qualified? Most people experience love as relational, between people, objects, situations etc. There are conditions that they apply to their experience of love and therefore their experience is limited and sometimes traumatised. What if I told you that Love is the basis for Creation, it has no limitations, it has no reason, IT IS? Love is selfless, embracing the entirety of all experience and expression through all time and space. All encompassing, Love is like a river that is constantly flowing towards the ocean – Truth.

As this river flows, it sings of pain and pleasure, of joy and sorrow, of waterfalls and silent pools. This river never ceases, constantly nourishing and supporting all life, serving through all time and space. The undercurrents of this ceaseless flow are peace, trust, patience and joy.

We are beings of infinite Love and Joy and beings of infinite Trust and Patience

It’s relatively easy for our students to take on board the phrase that they are beings of infinite love and joy, but when we mention that this expresses itself as infinite trust and patience. We witness our students hesitate.

Most people have become accustomed to living with doubt and impatience as their norm. These traits are the siblings of fear and selfishness. Thus, introducing the joy of patience and the peace of trust is challenging. Yet, when a student or client takes up the challenge, they are pleasantly surprised by the benefits that come with patience and trust. They experience a state of unimaginable wellness.

Eddie and I have a ton of clients that say, all I want is peace. We ask them, are they willing to detach from their desires, this will reveal how sincere they are in their yearning for peace. Peace is experienced whenever detachment and trust are practiced.

Everyone seeks joy, and yet it eludes them. The reason for this is a lack of patience. Impatience depletes us and is the cause of unnecessary resistance in our lives. It prevents us from enjoying what we have now. When you are truly patient, your body relaxes, your mind stills, your heart hums, you remember that you are joy. Patience is not only a core spiritual strength it is the key that unlocks joy. It unlocks spiritual, mental, and material wealth, more than you can possibly imagine.

Purity and Sweetness

On the journey of life, we can feel tossed about by the waves of circumstance, attachment and desires. To navigate the constantly dynamic and unpredictable waters of life with harmony and serenity we need to develop and draw out from within us two vital qualities: These two virtues are quintessential to living an enlightened life.

Shraddha – The Purity of Trust (meeting every moment with surrender and openness)

Saburi – The Sweetness of Patience (meeting all of life with tolerance and compassionate awareness)

What if you experienced patience as joy and joy as patience?

What if you knew that, trust confers peace and peace is trust?

The Road to Extinction

Over the last few years, i have read several reports and studies that state we are on the road to extinction. How do you meet this without collapsing into fear or despair? How do you support wellness knowing this?

To save humanity we would need to overnight

  1. Stop all plastic pollution
  2. Stop all animal food industries
  3. Stop all oceanic food industries
  4. Stop cutting down forests
  5. Stop destroying the soil
  6. Stop wasting water
  7. Stop fuel consumption
  8. Stop blaming others and start taking responsibility
  9. Etc.

Are we going to do this? I think not… So, then what happens? And why aren’t we able to do this?

The reason we cannot act on this is because humanity is doing what it does in the face of fear,

Flight – goes into denial and doesn’t want to know

Fight – goes into conflict, comparison and finger pointing, takes short-term action, goes to war

Fright – becomes paralysed and is unable to take any useful action

There is one way to change this habit of destruction and that is through LOVE

Love inspires

Love embraces

Love heals

Do you want to keep feeding the politics of fear, or do you want to nourish the ripples of regenerative Love

Love the earth

Love the elements

Love each other

But how do we do this, when we don’t even know what love is? We don’t know that we are Love?

Once we remember we are LOVE, infinite possibilities open up. Love is miraculous, with Love we discover we have the ability to heal ourselves and the planet. We discover that wellness is Love.

Once we recognise the divinity (LOVE) in each and every being we become free from selfishness and fear, we become Truth activists. Positive changes occur effortlessly.

So here is my recommendation, focus on love, trust, patience, joy and detachment. The road to extinction will become the road to renewal.

When you first begin to traverse the path of Love, it will feel like it’s not making a difference, that’s ok, this is where patience and trust come in, hang in there. And then one morning, BOOM, everything has changed.

In my experience of love,

Love undoes (heals) all the harm I have ever experienced

It is the cause of all the good that grows and flows around us

Love nurtures, Love nourishes, Love transforms, Love creates, Love resurrects, Love solves

The Power of LOVE

Jesus walked on water. Amma transforms thousands of lives with a hug. Sathya Sai Baba inspires thousands of people to serve. A woman breastfeeds another’s child.  One person’s prayer can bring a friend back from the brink of death. Surely the love that exists in the heart of every person once ignited / awakened can turn the tide of hate and horror.

Turning the Spotlight on Shelley Chapman

This month we turn the spotlight on Shelley Chapman, mother of three brilliant girls, a champion of Love and Truth, she inspires everyone who comes into contact with her. A skilled LT Facilitator, Business Coach, Conscious Leader, Environmental Activist, Shelley has a way of asking the perfect question that unravels the stories of pain. She is a naturally joyful being always ready to dance and sing. Shelley has a capacity to meet suffering with spontaneous inspired action, her arms ready to hold you while you heal and reconnect to Truth.

Email: S@organisationsthatflow.com 

In March 2020, Shelley Chapman created the Beacon Call to meet the growing need of our challenging times, for clarity and compassion. She offered (and continues to offer) activists, students, clients, friends, and colleagues an opportunity to connect to innate understanding, and draw sweetness and inspiration. This link will take you to her library of immense wisdom

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