Wellness and Resilience

We live in a world where we are inundated with information, to-do lists, must know stuff, stay on top of it all syndrome, and of course be in control. Knowing your priorities and trusting your choices will help you experience healthy resilience.

Resilience comes in so many shapes and forms and human beings are naturally resilient (able to recover from challenging situations), but in the face of ongoing trauma, overwhelm, stress, resilience can begin to look a lot like stoicism, denial, numbing out, and disconnection. And this unhealthy.

Harmonious resilience is a sign of wellness. It includes within its parameters, vulnerability, openness, learning, spirited rebellion, joy, humility, kindness and strength. Most importantly it arises from trust and supports you in expressing your innate self. Resilience is a natural by product of self-confidence.

The disempowering hunger for attention

Recognition, significance, attention, comparison, winning, seems to be the names of the games nowadays. And they are all exhausting. This constant seeking from the other drains your resources and power. It impacts your ability to trust yourself and so erodes resilience. No wonder we live in a world that is not only sick, but it is not recovering.

Eddie and I have worked with people from all walks of life, from those on the breadline to people who are in a position to make decisions that affect millions. They all want to experience wellness and happiness.


Knowing what you want at your deepest level helps. Most times it is LOVE.

Ask yourselves, “How am i receiving love, giving love?”

Receiving is as important as giving. In fact, they are one and the same. When you receive you give someone the opportunity to love you, and that being is none other than a reflection of you.


Many people associate wellness with having a constant and effortless flow of energy. It may be useful to have a brief glimpse at the relationship between Energy Wellness, Energy Harmony, Energy Hygiene and Energy Resilience.

Energy Resilience

The ability to be in the world, or in challenging situations that may or may not impact you directly and be clear, detached, spontaneous and flexible. This helps you to manage fear and fatigue. Resilience strengthens your ability to stay true to your values.

Energy Hygiene

The practice of cleansing, nourishing and strengthening your energetic system. Hydration, healthy eating, stretching, spending time in nature, meditation, yoga, chi gong, REST and RELAXATION, help you maintain your energy levels. 

Energy Harmony

Trusting your innate wisdom and ensuing choices, knowing what works (is beneficial) and what does not work (weakens) for you. This is all about developing a healthy work, play, rest and recharge balance.

Energy Wellness

Connecting to nature, serving humanity, practising detachment, experiencing JOY.

The paralysis of overwhelm

One of the hurdles to wellness that people encounter is overwhelm. Overwhelm is one way of sabotaging inspired activity.

This quicki exercise may help: Inhale. Exhale, imagine that you are stepping into the present moment. Inhale, feel yourself return to the clarity of this moment. Pause. Exhale, let go of the story, the stuff, the pressure. Inhale, remember, you CAN. Exhale, you can let go just for this moment.

3 Bed-friendly yoga poses to let go of overwhelm, help you reset your emotional state, and stretch your spine gently

Pose 1: Knees-to-Chest – Gathering myself and accepting where I am now

Lay on your back, then slowly bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. Use your arms to gently squeeze in your legs.

Note: Your back should lay flat on the bed, so if your back lifts at all, ease up on the stretch…

None of these poses should be uncomfortable, so listen to your body. Don’t ever push past what feels good.

Why it works: This pose offers relief from excess air in your digestive system, which can help ease gas and bloating.

Pose 2: Happy Baby – Choosing to reconnect to your innate joy

Lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Grab the outer edges of your feet. Try your best to lift your feet up in the air above your knees, or as far as you can go. Giggle.

Why it works: This pose helps open your inner thighs and helps ease aches in your lower back.

Note: To avoid neck strain, rest your head on a pillow. If you can’t reach your feet, that’s OK! Just use an exercise strap or towel to achieve the pose.

Pose 3: Child’s Pose – Rest in the knowing you are love

Begin on your hands and knees, facing down. Sit your hips on your ankles and let your chest touch the tops of your thigh. Extend your arms out in front of you, and let them rest on the bed. Relax your neck and shoulders.

Why it works: This popular “reset” pose helps stretch your spine, thighs, hips, side body, and ankles, while also calming the mind.

There you have it — in under 3 minutes, you can give your body a much-needed daily stretch.

When you’re done, don’t be surprised if you feel more limber, relaxed, resilient and focused for the remainder of the day.

Turning the Spotlight on Wendy Turner

We have had the pleasure of working alongside Wendy for more than 15 years. She is a compassionate LiberatingTouch Facilitator whose enthusiasm for all that is good is limitless. She is passionate about making a difference in our world. A mother of two, a teacher, a chi gong master, and a wellness educator, she inspires those around her with her desire to do right. Having overcome many challenges including some serious health challenges she understands the importance of resilience and the healing power of LOVE. Wendy has a depth of experiential wisdom and practices what she teaches. Her congruence is joyous. To get in touch with her Email: info@wendy-turner.com and visit her Website: www.wendy-turner.com

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