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Reclaim Freedom

As a child I had this longing within me – the cry for freedom. I did not know what it meant at that time. Over the years this cry shifted and changed. At first it was the battle cry against any form of tyranny or abuse. Later it became the cry to be free from the shackles of attachment and desire. I longed to be free from fear, from the noise of the mind, from cycle of life and death. Little did I know that I have always been free, free to Love and be grateful for the Truth that lives within me as my very Essence.

I continue to be a proponent for peace and stand in solidarity with those who battle abuse and tyranny. At the same time, I am vigilant in reminding myself to focus on LOVE and TRUTH at all times. It is easy to succumb to the lies of fear.  

Freedom to choose how you think and feel about yourself

Bullied by the criticisms and judgements that we hold in our minds we forget that we have the power to reclaim the freedom to choose how we think about ourselves.

In the Vedas, ancient texts filled with spiritual wisdom and experiential knowledge, there is a saying:

Yadbhavam, thadbhavathi – As you feel, so you become.

In India, the Vedas are described as the voice of God that emerged from the sages. The Vedas reveal the ancient wisdom that was enshrined in the hearts of enlightened beings whose purpose is to serve creation. They state:

As you feel, so you become

When you feel anger, you become antagonistic

If you feel alone, you become lonely

As you feel joy, you become Joy

When you feel love, you become Love

It’s quite simple and yet so very profound. Nowadays, when I get grumpy (annoyed), I ask myself, is this what I want to feel, or become? Most times this awareness alone will shift me back into joyful equanimity. Every now and then, I am surprised with an inner response of, “yes, I want to be indignant and annoyed (grumpy)”, this honesty makes me smile and I end up feeling the good. 

“Students! One who condemns themself day and night as petty and weak can never accomplish anything. One who thinks that one is luckless and low thereby becomes luckless and low. Instead, when you cultivate the awareness that you are a spark of God, that you have as your reality Divinity Itself, you can become really divine, and you can have command over all powers.”

Sathya Sai Baba

Fighting the good fight

I recently came across an eye-opening article on LinkedIn. This is an inspiring read, beautifully relaying Ukraine’s intention of moving forward in loving action.

Anthony Howard writes,

Can Ukraine rise from conflict and war to be a country based on care and service of one another? It can if the vision of Oleksiy Arestovych and others is given a chance.
As Arestovych points out, ideas can sow seeds of conflict, but they can also sow seeds of greatness. Here is a truly human innovation.

Perhaps the time has come to change the way we respond to injustice and suffering. Perhaps, humanity is finally ready to meet the past, present and future with its greatest strength – LOVE.

Planting and nurturing the seeds of Love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and understanding will create a tide of wellness liberating the mind from fear. Definitely something I want to be part of.

Spotlight on Maria Darkadas

I have known Maria since 2002, she is a powerful, charismatic and devoted person. Her love and compassion for people is fuelled by her willingness to serve at all times. She has battled prejudice, discrimination, and bullying with detachment, strength, loving awareness and forgiveness. As a LiberatingTouch Facilitator Maria helps her students and clients detach, face their fears and hidden tendencies, and overcome them. As a single mother of four, she has a unique perspective on life. She knows and lives the Truth that Love conquers all. If you would like to join one of her workshops or have a session with her, you can email her at: you can find her on Facebook at:

That is all for now, thank you for sharing and supporting this blog.

Till next month, Love and blessings, Ranjana

Ranjana Appoo is a dynamic author and co-creator of LiberatingTouch, known for her joyful approach to life and passion for truth. Alongside her partner, Eddie Appoo, she has co-authored the book “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”. With a vibrant spirit and a commitment to Love, Ranjana continues to inspire others to embark on the paths of Self-Realisation through her writings, teachings, and compassionate presence.

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