Wellness Values

“Money comes and goes; morality comes and grows”

Sathya Sai Baba

I remember reading this quote from my spiritual master, Sathya Sai Baba, many years ago. It continues to instigate healing and insightful reflections for me.

For example,

  • “Fear comes and goes; confidence comes and grows”
  • “People come and go; love comes and grows”
  • “Desires come and go; contentment comes and grows”
  • “Situations come and go; courage comes and grows”
  • “Wealth comes and goes; wisdom comes and grows”
  • “Experiences come and go; values come and grow”


Returning to the quote, “Money comes and goes; morality comes and grows”, I am curious as to what morality means to you. Do you reflect on morality much?

Morality is not something you hear much about these days. It’s not trending or even fashionable. As human beings we need morals to function well. Morals based on compassion and kindness can nurture global co-operation, and global wellness. Politicians could do with having some morals. Morals give us a clear sense of value and connection. Morals change over time, and they dictate how we behave and interact with each other and ourselves. For me morals that are based on tolerance, patience, understanding, generosity serve humanity and greatly enhance our sense of wellness.

Value Wellness

What do you value? Health, wealth, character, relationships, connection, creativity, kindness, generosity, compassion, truth?

Knowing what your values are nourishes your sense of wellness. Having a clear sense of morals keeps the confusing impact of desires in check. Money and morality need to go hand in hand so that we can enjoy the gifts of generosity and gratitude.

I read somewhere, that people who volunteer their time and services live longer and happier lives. Our sense of wellness is intrinsically linked to our values.

I value a deep connection with Love and Truth – or God, as I like to call THAT. 

What do you value?

If you can implement and live by what you value, your values become your wellness supporters.


Eddie and I created LiberatingTouch as a way for people to get to know themselves, their values and to live by them. With LiberatingTouch® you discover that peace is your birth-right, the peace of an illumined heart, which reveals the splendour of the Self which you are. There is no need to retire to a forest, or cave, to find peace and freedom; to know your inner Reality. This art reveals practical ways for you to live a contented, satisfied, and confident life; free from fear in a world that can seem anxious, chaotic and agitated. Where there is Self-confidence and Self-satisfaction, Self-Realisation follows.

Here are 4 LiberatingTouch Videos that will support your wellness

A LiberatingTouch® Exploration in Awareness with 4 Questions

The LiberatingTouch® Sequence for Release

The LiberatingTouch® ‘I AM’ Sequence

Resting by the Tree with LiberatingTouch®

This month I would like to turn the Spotlight to Kate Sargeant

Kate is an extraordinary LiberatingTouch Facilitator who weaves together creativity and logic with care and elegance. She is a conscientious eco-pioneer, artist, musician, mother, environmental scientist, educator and so much more. Her love of detail brings nuanced understanding to the big picture of life. Her attention to every stroke of the brush, every word, every musical note, every sigh is held with a depth of compassion. This allows her clients and students to rest in the knowing that they have been seen. She reveals how healing can arise from being valued. In November 2021 (6 months ago) she posted a series of invitations, “Will you join me?” as opportunities to take compassionate action. As I contemplate my morality, I return to her invitation, and say, YES. The invitation is open for you too…

Here is a link to the What We Can Blog on, “Will you join me?” –

That is all for now, thank you for sharing and supporting this blog.

Till next month, Love and blessings, Ranjana

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