Oneness, Wholeness, and Wellness

In the last blog I mentioned that I would share a few insights on Oneness and Wholeness, so here goes:

Consciousness (THAT as Love and Light) pervades in the entire Universe or Creation. The singular attribute of THAT Consciousness is Oneness. Everything emerges from this. Within Unified Consciousness – Duality, Plurality and Multiplicity exist. These forces / energies are constantly seeking to complement, join and exist in harmony, this process is Wholeness and is vital to Wellness. Oneness is the web/glue/interlaced invisible Love, that creates the conditions for wholeness, and wholeness is the harmony that we experience as wellness.

As part of the wellness adventure, we invite you to explore where in your life you feel torn, in pieces, separated from the SELF, and inquire if there is a way to return to wholeness (harmony) by opening to the Oneness of Love that is the basis of ALL. If you would like some help with this, do get in touch with a LiberatingTouch Facilitator and book a session.

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Energy Solutions for the Afternoon Slump

Ma and Eddie sharing the love

After writing the last blog, I got asked this question: what can you do when you experience an energy drain, for example a mid-afternoon slump?

1. Hydrate

There is a chance you may be dehydrated. Dehydration can be a reason for exhaustion. Drink some water.

2. Take a nap

This my favourite but it is not always possible. So then, I look for a way to get into nature.

3. Get into nature

Green spaces are magical, breathing deeply in a garden or woods is restorative, while doing this you may want to hold your fingers.

4. Practice some Jin Shin Jyutsu

Hold your fingers one at a time, simply place the fingers of one hand in the centre of your other palm and exhale down the front to the tips of your toes and inhale up the back to the top of your head. Rest here. But this too may not be possible. This brings me to the superfast quicki lift – Gratitude.

5. Feel Grateful

Share your genuine appreciation of someone. Give someone a complement or words of support and encouragement. Share the love.
In fact, a study published in the Harvard Business Review showed that a positive interpersonal reaction will boost your energy WAY more than a chocolate bar… or a cup of coffee.

6. Laugh

Even thinking about laughing is energising.

7. Essential Oils

This is another favourite of mine, keep a roller bottle of an uplifting and energising blend of essential oils and rub it on your wrists, ankles, and nape of your neck – breathe it in deeply. I am a bit of a purist, so I like single oils, and depending on the day, my go to oils for energy are either: DoTerra Lavender, Green mandarin, Bergamot or Grapefruit.

This month we turn the Spotlight on Anita

Anita is a deeply compassionate, loving and kind LiberatingTouch Facilitator. She is also an EFTInternational Trainer, Healer, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Medium, and Wellness Educator. She has helped people around the globe with her generosity and open heart. In the 1990’s Anita travelled through war torn Europe delivering much needed supplies and cared for abandoned children dying of aids. Her love of all people, especially children know no boundary. Anita hosts a regular online Detachment group and presents specialist Liberating workshops online and in person.

To find out more go to:

Till next month, here’s to your wellness and joy,
Ranjana Appoo

Ranjana Appoo is a dynamic author and co-creator of LiberatingTouch, known for her joyful approach to life and passion for truth. Alongside her partner, Eddie Appoo, she has co-authored the book “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”. With a vibrant spirit and a commitment to Love, Ranjana continues to inspire others to embark on the paths of Self-Realisation through her writings, teachings, and compassionate presence.

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