Relax into Wellness

By Ranjana Appoo, January 2022

The beginning of the year, especially the first 2 weeks, is always an important time for me. It is a time of contemplation and preparation. It’s not so much about resolutions, or desires, or even intention, but about direction. I connect to the Infinite Intelligence (God) within and all around me to receive guidance and a sense of focus. This wisdom often shows up as hints and clues. This year, my guidance is to RELAX and focus on Wellness.

Interestingly, I began the year recovering from Covid. It was my second bout and so very different from my first. I am very grateful to the virus and all that I have learnt from the integration of this organism into my life. It recently brought me to a standstill and helped me get in touch with some deep hidden scars. The first time I had Covid was in March 2020 and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest for a week. As I meditated, I became aware of the plight of the planet and how the earth is struggling to breathe. I have known for some time about the impact of pollution and relentless pillaging of the earth’s resources, but to experience it so viscerally has inspired to take positive action now and not to wait for others to wake up to earths cry.

The second time was soon after Christmas and it felt like I was going through a combination of nausea, malaria, mouth ulcers, chronic fatigue, urticaria and sinus blockage, it was unlike anything I had experienced before. This time I experienced the plight of humanity, the deep fears, the conflict and chaotic confusion. I sensed the fear of death, decay, decrepitude and distress. The denial of these fears. I found myself reaching out in my mediation to touch these fears with compassionate sweet acceptance. This was so liberating. I understood so completely the difference between Oneness and wholeness, but more about this in the next blog. Returning to the guidance…


This may sound easy, but relaxing was not my strength and I have been working on this for years. I have learnt that relaxation is key for restoration, rest, regeneration, receiving, release and healing. Perhaps, it is time to integrate this quality with every breath. And perhaps, I can, now.

Wellness and what it means to me

Wellness means so many things to so many people.

For me it is:

  1. The practice of diving deep into the well of nectarine sweetness within and drawing from it Joy, Peace, Beauty and Goodness.
  2. The ability to be Detached and Self-confident in all situations.
  3. Taking responsibility and nourishing this body, mind and spirt
  4. Getting active, flexible, flowing and expressing creative energy

To simplify this further, the four keys that unlock these 4 pathways are:

  • Oneness
  • Detachment
  • Nourishment
  • Flow

Every month this year I plan to share something about these 4 keys and also spotlight a LT Facilitator that can help you. Exciting times.

This month we turn the Spotlight on Angela Kirk

Angela is an extraordinary healer, artist, poet and LiberatingTouch Facilitator. She began her caring career as a nurse and worked in critical care, and later embarked on a journey of complementary medicine. She has studied so many healing modalities that I consider her an expert in all things to do with healing. Her heart melts so easily at the plight of people, the planet and all its inhabitants. She hosts a regular Tuesday evening meditations which she would gladly welcome you to. To find out more about Angela go to:


That’s all for now, see you in February <3 Ranjana

ps. The butterfly picture was taken by Eddie Appoo 🙂

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