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At the bright young age of 11 (that was a very long time ago), i created a New Year’s ritual for myself which has served me well over the years. Every New Year’s morning, i meditate and connect with the Illumined Self (the infinite intelligence within, the source of Love and Truth – God) for guidance. The messages I receive support me for the year ahead. At the beginning of 2021 my guidance was to:

Resist nothing

Embrace all

Accept uncertainty

Love Truth

This turned into my mantra: Get REAL. This was exactly what I needed to get me through the intense highs and lows of 2021. For example, in:

January – Caring for Ma (Get REAL with Cancer)

February – Ma dies (Get REAL with the loss of a true friend)

March – Clearing and cleaning (Get REAL with dust and piles of stuff)

April – Auditing life, researching the RNA vaccine, getting the LiberatingTouch Centre Website up and running (Get REAL with the details)

May – Work, Work, Work (Get REAL with LiberatingTouch)

June – The Heart of Understanding goes online (Get REAL with working online)

July – September – LiberatingTouch Facilitator Training (Get REAL with our students and LT Facilitators)

October – The Icky month (Get REAL with the fatigue I was avoiding)

November – Getting back into flow (Get REAL with COP26 and myself)

December – It’s time… (Get REAL and ready for change)

The mind – the source of resistance

I am sure you have heard of this old chestnut:  The mind can be your greatest enemy or your sweetest ally.

It’s the one thing that can keep you from getting up close and personal with miracles.

As part of my daily discipline of getting REAL, I paid attention to the times I resisted fear, the ways in which I sought to control life. How I criticise myself. I faced all the ways I didn’t embrace my limitations and failures, accepted the waves of frustration in the face of social conflict and decided to choose love in every moment.

The Covid Conundrum – Embracing the confusion

Two years on and we are still navigating the confusing and conflicting facts and stories around covid. What I learnt from this, is be careful when taking sides, remember to be kind and compassionate at all times. Listen and stay open. Avoid adding fuel to the fire. Be calm and own your opinions.

Growing up, I experienced racism, sexism, prejudice about the shape and size of the body, cultural limitations but the polarisation I am witnessing in relation to the vaccination has been more intense and emotional than I imagined. In fact, I have been shocked by the seething anger and hate. The world is in dire need of kindness and acts of compassion.  

Every time, I research the virus or the vaccine, I am aware of conflicting research, political agendas, fear, judgement and confusion. It is a minefield. The truth is, I don’t put my faith in the science, I don’t ignore the science, I pay attention, learn, quantify and qualify, but choose to trust something beyond the logic that is science’s signature call. I don’t trust the authorities, I don’t trust the media, I don’t trust the numbers. So, what do I trust? I trust my neighbour and their experiences. I trust my friend that works at the hospital when she tells me what she is witnessing. I trust what I see around me. I trust our clients and friends. I trust Nature. But most of all I trust the Infinite Intelligence of the Illumined Self (God).

Resistance is futile – Taking Responsibility is Power

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

In early 2020 when I asked the Illumined Self within, what is the cause of the virus, I had a clear answer that the virus is created by our blatant disrespect of nature and living beings. I know that deep healing arises from meeting the cause of pain and suffering with love. If we want to adapt to the virus, immunise ourselves from the negative effects, we need to come into harmony with nature. Not just come up with sustainable solutions, but to seek balance. This balance can only occur by understanding the impact of our desires and learn how to manage these desires.

Recently, I watched, a holocaust survivor speak about her experience. She was asked, if she blamed God for it. She replied no, she said, God has given all of us the gift of life, the gift of the planet and what we do with it is our responsibility. The holocaust was manmade. The virus is a symptom of humanity’s misalignment with nature. Human beings have a lot to answer for. Not least for the way we continue to burden the planet with consumer insanity.

Every decision we make has repercussions and consequences. For example, if people cut down on eating meat, it could halt the destruction of rainforests used for grazing and growing feed.

What if the number of Covid deaths are propionate to the numbers living in areas where pollution is high? Covid is a reminder of how precious breathing is to us. Pollution caused by humans will impact breathing in more ways than Covid can. Here is an interesting that relates to this link between covid/air pollution: We cannot vaccinate this problem away.

Overcoming the Accomplishment addiction – Accept limitations to experience limitless Love

Earlier this year, I let go of relying on my many to-do lists. It was not easy, I found myself wanting to jot down things to do, because I was so afraid that I would forget, or worse not be productive. I still have a shopping list in the kitchen, a diary for appointments and plans but that it all. Choosing to live by constant connection to the guidance was challenging at first.

My mind would question me with – What have you accomplished?

The judge-y limiting critical voice would respond with the one word – Nothing

The positive Pollyanna voice would step in with – So many things

The reality – I don’t know, who decides this anyway? Why does it matter so much? All that stress focusing on expectations, results, achievements and goals…. How limiting is it to live one’s life by a checklist.

Do I need to accomplish anything? Have an impact? Get recognition? Feel the buzz of ego gratification? What if could trust that every breath, every word, every action is perfect.

For the first 3 months, I got caught up in the same “productivity” dialogue, I got distracted and frustrated. Every day I also got focused, peaceful, and on a guided singular track. It happened in bursts or simultaneously. I learnt not to quantify life, not to measure it in mental yardsticks, but to live it as best as I can with as much kindness, joy, ease, compassion, peace, understanding, and integrity. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I first had to learn to relax and this is an ongoing lesson for me.

Having been wound up tight for so long in the need to be perfect and productive, I completely missed out on how perfect everything already is.

The Truth – Love matters more than anything else

Words are easily manipulated and misunderstood. This is the natural order of the mind. Once you are aligned with intuitive wisdom – clarity dawns.

There are times when i feel defeated, not often, but when i do, it can feel unsurmountable. In those times I have learnt to shift focus from defeat to humility. This is pure magic (a blog for another time).

Accepting my resistance to the resistance of others has been healing.

Fear blinds and faith gives us divine sight.

It’s Your CHOICE

You can choose to make decisions governed by ignorance and fear or guided by awareness and love. In the face of uncertainty be willing to wait. Patience is about dissolving all resistance to time and trusting the space you find yourself in.

One morning at 3am, Eddie found me crying in our meditation room, I was emptying myself. In that moment I realised that my anger and grief were delusions. Everything is perfect and everything is good, everything is love. I am that Love. Such a relief. I was back in harmony.

A client asked, can we turn to LOVE (God) for help? Absolutely yes. Nothing else can help us to effectively clean up the mess we have created. We need inspired solutions that arise from LOVE. As long as we seek solutions to control and manipulate nature, we are not changing our habits, we are going be caught in the loop of fear that will perpetuate fear. It’s a choice you are going to have to make over and over and over again until Love becomes your Truth. Fear is what the mind shrouds itself in when it’s not in control, fear is what holds us back. Love is not the opposite of fear, love embraces fear. Love has no opposite; it is the totality in existence. It is the reason we exist.

Going back the beginning of this long and windy blog full of tangents and digressions:

Resist Nothing – Love, love, love

Embrace All – Love, love, love

Accept uncertainty – Love, love, love

Love, Love, Love

I wonder what my guidance will be for 2022?

Love and peace for a divine festive season and a blessed New Year.

That’s all for now. Love, Love, Love, Ranjana

Ps. If you would like to embark on a journey of self-discovery with Eddie and I in 2022 check out our 7-month or 9-month programs, we have space for a two people in 2022 😉. More Love, r

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