The Bus Stop of Life – Part 4

I started writing a series of short pieces on the “The Bus Stop of Life” at the beginning of the year. They are contemplations on the in-between state of being, neither here nor there. Life is a journey, and on this journey, we often find ourselves in a place of waiting. Waiting for… In this in-between state, the magic of wisdom dawns, if we pay attention. This is part 4 of 7.

I sometimes feel that Eddie and I live in an in-between space, with people coming and going. I remember once commenting that our home felt like a railway station. Much like being at a bus stop, as we wait for our bus returning “to the Eternal Emptiness”, we serve all those passing by, getting their own buses to known and unknown destinations. Providing people with maps, resources and succour on their journey.

You can say that each one of us has emerged from Certainty (The Creator-Source) to traverse the uncertainty (Creation) so that we can return to certainty (Love and Truth).

Self Love

While waiting for your bus, it is good idea to practice some self-love. But what is self-love?

Is it love for the body? Eating right, stretching, having a massage, resting in the sun?

Is it love for the mind? Playing scrabble, reading a book, engaging with a puzzle, listening to music?

Is it love for the inner child? Telling yourself that you are wonderful? Telling others that you are wonderful?

Is it love for your desires? Focusing on fulfilling them? Enjoying your investments?

Is it love for your ideas? a love for your imagination? Being creative? Working? Playing?

Is it love for nature?

It really depends what / who you think you are. And what brings you Joy. For me SELF love, is remembering Reality – I am not the body, i am not the mind, I am God – I am Bliss – I AM. All other forms of self-love feed the ego. They are pleasant but having tasted the Bliss of Realisation, I enjoy resting in that knowing.


When I am in alignment with the SELF – remember what I am. I experience FLOW.

A few years ago, I wrote a blog on flow. It’s a subject that I return to again and again.

I’ve been exploring what flow means and I have been using various LiberatingTouch processes to connect and experience flow in my life. I have wondered if flow is God’s rhythm in creation? Is the breath of life – flow?

The flow of Grace, the flow of compassion, the flow of love, the flow of goodness, the flow of awe, the flow of wonder, the flow of joy, are these all expressions of God?

I’m aware that everyone will have their own experience of flow and it won’t be the same as mine. The more I dive into flow, the more I’m at a loss to explain the expansiveness and wonder of flow. It has become synonymous with God’s love with God’s Direction for me.
To live a life of flow opens me to the flow of trust

When I am in flow, the flow of love surrounds me, is within me, above me, below me, beside me, it is everywhere. Then i experience patience as effortless. And patience is the path to bliss.

What if Trust and Patience are the keys to SELF LOVE?

This video ends a little abruptly – part of the flow 😀


On a completely different and yet related note – here is a little ‘poem’ I wrote in relation to “Normal”, many of our students and clients have spoken about the return to normal – it’s like a bus that they are hoping to get back on, to resume life as they have known it to be.

As I heard this word leave your lips
I smiled
Let’s be honest
Is it normality you seek?
Or stability
Less change
More comfort
Because change is normal
Constantly being stretched
is normal
Is normal

Wanting blossoms and brilliance all year round
is not normal

Earthquakes and volcanoes
are nature’s normal passer-by’s
Tsunamis of change
are normal

Rainbows of grateful tears on sunny days

Convenience is contrived normality
pretence in a plastic bottles
defended by crazy greed
Selling normality
Refining the lie
Making you believe
You have no choice
Making helplessness

Will we ever let go of
the fear of uncertainty?
Or is – controlling – fear – normal?
If it is, do i want that kinda normal?
Or do i choose the normal of unexpected good on rainy days?
The power of lightening, thunder
and the peace that follows stormy weather?

It is a normal question
Yes, it is quite normal to question normal
Normal to want contentment,
I don’t want to fight you on this
yet it is normal – to fight…

it’s not what it seems.
That is normal too

Usual, regular, expected, ordinary, common, average… normal
The paradox thickens, knowing that it’s normal to
seek extraordinary, uncommon, above average, phenomenal love

Imagining beyond all that is normal
Is so very normal….

And when you say…
I just want to be normal
Why can’t you be normal
Let’s get back to normal

It is bewildering
You assume I know what you mean
Like with all things normal

it could be another imagined agreement
But who am I to question this

I love you
remains true for me
It’s quite normal

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