The Bus Stop of Life – Part 3

I started writing a series of short pieces on the “The Bus Stop of Life” at the beginning of the year. They are contemplations on the in-between state of being, neither here nor there. Life is a journey, and on this journey, we often find ourselves in a place of waiting. Waiting for… In this in-between state, the magic of wisdom dawns, if we pay attention. This is part 3 of 7.

Space and Time

In this created universe, everything needs space and takes time.

Embracing this helps you align with flow.

Sometimes, you are waiting for your bus for ages and sometimes it comes along pretty fast. Your Bus Route and Destination could be:

  • Study and graduation
  • Finding a life partner
  • Getting pregnant and giving birth
  • Fighting for your right
  • Getting a job, getting a raise
  • Publishing or exhibiting your work
  • Embarking on a new project
  • the path to Enlightenment
  • etc.

Once you are on the bus, the journey could be long, circuitous, or short. A wait may be involved, again.

The thing is, do you do ‘the work’ while you wait? And what is this work? Is the work doing the dishes? I believe it is. Doing the dishes entails, keeping yourself nourished, honing your discernment faculties, trusting your intuition, learning detachment, practising compassion, and purifying your mind so that it may reflect Love and Truth. Buses come and go, but the work you do while you wait serves you and serves humanity beyond the confines of time and space.

Beyond disappointment and hope

Here is an invitation to go beyond disappointment and hope, to discover trust and surrender:

Make a list of all the disappointment/s in your life and then give yourself permission to be grateful for them. Without limiting your gratitude with reason. Open to being grateful, grateful for the gifts that are hidden in every ‘heartbreak’, broken promise, lost opportunity, and unfulfilled desire.

For example: I am grateful that I messed up that day. I am grateful that they let me down. I am grateful I didn’t pass the driving test…

You may/will notice that you will want to add to this some reason/logic for your gratitude, to make it palatable for your mind:

For example: I am grateful that I messed up that day, I learnt loads. I am grateful that they let me down, I discovered my strength. I am grateful I didn’t pass the driving test it wasn’t the right time etc.… See if you can let go of the reason.

Allow unconditional gratitude become your reality

It works better if you don’t make gratitude logical. Allow unconditional gratitude become your reality. It is very powerful. A bit like unconditional love.

For example, I am grateful that I lost my way… I am grateful that I failed my exams…. He didn’t notice me again and i am grateful for that…I am grateful for all that I couldn’t be grateful for.

When I first did this, felt this, experienced this as real, I felt liberated. The next day, I experienced immense rage pass through me (I was able to exhale and let it go using the infinity exercise). I realised that by storing disappointment, I had also stored anger. By being grateful for all the disappointments in my life, I freed myself from anger and this in turn helped me land in expansive peace and unimaginable patience.

What would happen if you could be grateful for all the disappointments you have experienced? Imagine if you experienced disappointment as a gift or a blessing.

My personal mantra that helps me let go nowadays

I am going to share another secret in this blog. Over the years, i have found many many ways and means to let go and they continue to serve me. But here is my latest go-to. A few years ago, I found myself repeating a stressful thought and at the same time my awareness provided me with a liberating chant. I found myself repeating this while clicking my fingers and it was like magic. I was free from the story. Nowadays, these words have a rhythm and a flow for me and they propel me out of the cycle of suffering/stress and back in alignment with the flow of Love. Some days, these words get me dancing and other days breathing a little freer. I wonder if they will serve you too. Here they are:

Let it go, let it go, let it happen, let it flow
Let the love
Let the joy
Let the bliss overflow

That is all for this month, Love and Joy, ranjana

Ranjana Appoo is a dynamic author and co-creator of LiberatingTouch, known for her joyful approach to life and passion for truth. Alongside her partner, Eddie Appoo, she has co-authored the book “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”. With a vibrant spirit and a commitment to Love, Ranjana continues to inspire others to embark on the paths of Self-Realisation through her writings, teachings, and compassionate presence.

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