The Bus Stop of Life -Part 2

I started writing a series of short pieces on the “The Bus Stop of Life” at the beginning of the year. They are contemplations on the in-between state of being, neither here nor there. Life is a journey, and on this journey, we often find ourselves in a place of waiting. Waiting for… In this in-between state, the magic of wisdom dawns, if we pay attention. This is part 2 of 7.

One of my most valuable lessons is, the power of patience in an impatient world.

Rush, rush, rush, stumble and fall. Ah yes, the song of the restless and resistant. Resistant to the flow of life, resistant to learning and waiting.

When I am patient, open, relaxed, trusting, I sense the universe respond and things fall into place, life blossoms in my hands.

Waiting at a bus stop is perfect practice, do I fidget, get impatient, wish to be elsewhere, or do I trust in the flow, feel settled in my breath, return to my still centre and trust, surrendering to the moment and opening to the moment – the vast in-between.

I recently read a lovely quote about surrender by Sathya Sai Baba:

The word surrender has been misinterpreted, and people promote idleness in the name of surrender. The true meaning of surrender is recognition of the fact that in everyone and everywhere, God is present.

Observation Agendas and Witnessing with Compassion

Surreptitious glances

One of the interesting things about being at the bus-stop, is all the other people you encounter. The passengers on this journey of life. What is your relationship with those that come and go?

Do you judge them? Observe them? Are you curious about their lives? Do you engage with them? Get involved attached? Do you get on their bus?

Do you look at people from the side of your eyes hoping that they don’t catch you observing them? Or witness them with loving eyes and trust that all is unfolding perfectly? Do you bless them with your gaze and wish them well whoever they may be? Is there a difference between observing and witnessing? Or is it all much of a muchness?

I suppose what I want to say is, our vision is super powerful, and when we look at people with love, people respond accordingly. When we envisage life with fearful eyes, life reflects our fears. It is what it is. Useful to have that awareness when you find yourself in that in-between space. Choosing to perceive life, passers-by, insane behaviour, even politicians lovingly / with compassion. Everybody has a journey to complete, a story to tell.

That is all for this month, Love and Joy, ranjana

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