Making a difference – with kindness

Probably, one of the most challenging aspects of our times is to stay compassionate and detached, while avoiding getting sucked into the drama of conflict and confusion. I find staying focused on how I can be of service keeps me clear and free from opinionated negative shenanigans. This way I get to step out of fears way, stay aligned with Love, and make a difference.

Eddie and I often have several seva (service) projects on the go. These projects nourish me with lessons in discernment and detachment, they kindle my innate sense of joy and peace. I may not be able to relieve the suffering caused by illness, poverty, crime, greed etc. for the many, but I can reach out a helping hand to the person in front of me. By being compassionate, and vigilant in avoiding prejudice and limiting judgements, i serve with kindness.

The Bear Hug

At a time when hugs are so needed, getting in touch with people whose light embraces is important. One such person is Angela Kirk. She runs a weekly meditation and is the founder of Bear Kindness. Together we serve by having fun, being creative, and by supporting our local communities.

The official launch for the website is on the 14th February (after all, it’s about love!). Do head over and have a browse. Feel the love, share the love, be the love, it is the kindest thing we can do for each other.

It is such a joy to be part of this project. And I hope just by visiting the website you get a little squeeze of love. As Angela says, “it’s all manner of deliciousness”.

At the moment, many people are being asked to bear hardship, make sacrifices, and bear the brunt of political and economic upheaval. Let us bear kindness, let them know that in a small part of the world, someone is sitting and knitting love and sweet gentle joy.

And Angela inspires others to do the same.

That is all for now, hope this month’s blog brought a smile to your face. It does make a difference, you know.

Love, Ranjana

Kindness heals and kindness transforms, kindness is the balm to soothe the troubled mind

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