Could Have, Should Have, Would Have

This month’s blog is more of an invitation than an article.

As we begin 2021, I invite you to investigate, all the times you say the phrase, “I / he / she could have…”, “I / he / she should have…”, “I / he / she would have…”, and notice what it brings up in you? Do you feel the phrases are empowering or disempowering? Do these phrases bring about a sense of peace or pressure? Are you motivated or demotivated by these phrases? Do you feel inspired to take action, or do you find that you get caught up in the drama of effort?

As I dive into 2021, I notice that within me there is a heartfelt need to think, speak and act with deepening loving awareness. To become more accepting of the ebb and flow of life, people’s emotions, conflicts, and my many likes and dislikes. To resist less and embrace more. It is not always easy, but I can start with paying attention to how phrases like, “Could Have, Should Have, Would Have”, impact me and you.

A side note

Eddie and I are constantly asked what is our take on Covid, and what is our understanding of the present situation, so very briefly, here goes:

This is our take on the protective measures advised by W.H.O.

  1. Wash your hands of all that does not serve Love (humanity). Wash them regularly with the soap of detachment and the waters of discernment. Although, taking and meeting your needs can be satisfying, giving and sharing is energising and healing. Generosity is the joy that flows from our hands.
  2. Keep your distance from anxiety, fearful and negative thinking (it is so depleting and exhausting). Get into the habit of side stepping the whirlwinds of conflict and confusion, ignorance and projection, by simply moving out of the way. Agreed, it is a skill, and one that takes a while to master, but so worth the effort. Engagement with fear robs us of precious resources and impacts our immune system.
  3. Wear a mask only when absolutely necessary. At all other times avoid them, they perpetuate fear and oppression. The masks keep us insecure (afraid) and make us vulnerable to so many other physical, mental, and emotional ailments.
  4. Trust your inner knowing when it comes to the vaccination, it will work for some and not for others, there is no way of knowing for sure if it will serve you. Trust your intuition, it will guide you well.

The present situation is an opportunity to investigate all that does not serve humanity and the planet and how best to serve humanity and Nature. Those in Lockdown do not need to be locked out in the cold. It is time to unlock the mind and open to the wisdom of the heart. There is a way through this and that is by focusing on Love.

That is all for now. Eddie and I look forward to being of service and supporting you on your journey of Self-Realisation. Gratitude, Love and Joy for 2021 and beyond, Peace, Peace, Peace, Ranjana

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