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Here is short blog and a little ditty about living in surreal times. Despite the reality of uncertainty, everything feels unreal. Two weeks ago, I heard of a man being bitten by a cobra and dying on the spot. A week ago, one of my gentle friends passed on, the clock stopped working the moment the email arrived in my inbox. Today, I heard the tragic story from a witness who saw an Indian woman die in front of him. Her sari (Indian dress) was sucked into the motorbike wheels, she fell off the bike, her head split open, and she died on the spot. At this moment of time, I am nursing my mother whose life is in the balance. The country I am a citizen of is in lockdown chaos. I find myself existing in the now, the past no longer matters, the future is uncertain, the present commands all my attention. Even though I have seemingly let-go of the past and the future, the wheels continue to turn. The now is relentless with its demands to stay spontaneous, vigilant, flexible, awake.

I question what it means to be in the now, is it a place where all movement is an illusion? Is it a state of being where “I” cease? Can I maintain the witness state of being in the now, if I am constantly being pushed to respond to situations that test my equanimity? The unfolding seems to happen in the space between the in and the out breath, before I can inhale or exhale, if I hold this space, I am no longer in the Now. No longer present, I step back into the mind, seeking answers that the mind does not have. Once back in the present, how do I make sense of the mystery — I don’t… Thoughts, words, actions, are the spiders web that awaits me the moment – entrapping me out of now. Now, not now, Not now, Now, the dance of KNOW. It is an adventure, tasting the nectar – Know Now – Now Know.

Some days, i feel the Now is a ruse, tricking me into believing that I am something I am not, and some days, it is all that there is. So much to contemplate, enquire, and integrate. Below is one of my conversations…  

A Conversation with Reality

Living in surreal times,

A knock on the door

The door opens

It is Reality calling

Wake-up, wake-up, WAKE-UP

I ask,

Are you for Real

It’s so unreal!

Surreal really.

Reality peers into me

My mind reels, how do “I” make sense of this

Oh yes, spin the unreal, surreal, life, death, suffering, relief… with stories of

Could have, should have, would have

It is increasingly unreal,

The hysteria, the fear, the strategies and coping mechanisms

Defending selfish ‘needs’

what is real?

Me, you, or the chasm of uncertainty that we are asked to dive into?

Wander into wonder

Amaze in the maze

The nectar of Love, the sweetness of Truth


Life flows, love flows, truth awaits, revealing Reality – IS.

Something I wrote 3 years ago… A reminder of what is REAL for me

i saw God wave his hand


And the specks of dust



this Love knows

no boundaries

For those of you struggling with the realities of the love, life, death, untruth and truth,

May this video of the 3 Aums serve you well 🙂

Wishing you infinite Joy and Awe for 2021

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