Let the Truth be Revealed

What if, at any given moment the Truth in a situation, a relationship, an event, the self was revealed, what then? Who would you be if you lived a life free from lies? If you lived aligned with Truth?

As I contemplate the predicament of our times, especially the fear around the coronavirus, I am increasingly aware of a web of lies. Politics, science, vested interests, hidden agendas and more. There is something about fear, greed, anger, self-interest and hate that feeds lies. And here ‘lies’ the opportunity to make a real difference.

Decide to stop lying to yourself and others. Decide to look in the mirror and choose not to feed the same old hand me down stories about age, weight, appearance, needs, desires, attachments. Decide to look past the many veils of deluded storytelling, instead dive deep into the depths of your being and seek the truth – about you. Decide to be honest and compassionate with everyone you meet. Decide not to judge your neighbour or yourself. Decide to be kind and peaceful, as honest people often are. The Truth reveals itself when Love is present.

If truth be told…

If I am being honest… how many people are truly open and honest? I am not talking about professing to be honest. I am talking about being in the Presence of someone that you know is unafraid of being seen, is self-confident, and happy to answer questions with integrity. This person does not defend their stories, is not afraid of conflict, nor do they avoid the consequences of their actions. Embarrassment, shame, judgement would not hamper their ability to look at themselves and others with kindness and open-hearted transparency. But most of all, this person gives you permission to express your truth. In the presence of this person, you can exhale completely and inhale freely. 

Truth can help you face the unknown with clarity. Support you in revealing your nature, thoughts, actions with ease and kindness. Be unafraid of your insecurities, become accountable for your likes and dislikes. Truth nourishes your capacity to embrace vulnerability.

The gift of the virus

I believe the virus is a gift, born from humanity’s lack of concern of Nature and each other, it is an opportunity to ask, what can I do to serve Nature, the planet, each other. It is an opportunity to listen, to pay attention. To notice the lies that we have got comfortable with, to stop feeding them and get real. Time to seek the Truth.

In a time of great deceit, we can choose truth

We all have so many opinions and ideas, truth is not about these opinions or judgements, truth is about being present, being open, and being clear. Allowing the inner wisdom to arise from within and reveal itself. Following one’s conscience and trusting the intuition.

A few questions that will help you on your journey to uncover the truth

What do I want?

What matters to me now? Matters to those around me now?

Is this story true?

How do I know this is true?

Am I open to the Truth?

Do I want to feed this story?

Who am I?

How can I find peace now?

What is preventing me from letting go?

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

An invitation

Join me if you will, for the next 10 days or so (I plan to do this till the end of 2020), when you sit down to meditate or contemplate, hold the intention, “let the truth be revealed”, perhaps our joint conscious awareness may bring about… (fill in the blank)

This is all for now, i look forward to hearing your thoughts, do get in touch, gratitude and love, Ranjana

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