It’s Insane

Everywhere you look, it seems as if the world has gone completely nuts, there is a lack of congruence in thought, word and action. I am not surprised that people are feeling dazed and disconnected from Truth. And when we feel disconnected  from Truth, it is challenging to experience love and Love is the essence of life. 

At the Moment

At the moment, in the UK, you can go to a pub (a bar), socialise, drink copious amounts of alcohol, but are advised to stay away from your loved ones. In France, you need to wear a mask if you are going into labour and giving birth, but not if you are in a gym!! In India, you can go to a cinema hall, watch a movie in an enclosed space but you are not allowed to meet up with your friends and family at the local temple. There is a plethora of contradictory instructions being disseminated by governments around the world.On top of this, you are asked to wear a mask which may or may not have any benefit.  

Here is a source of reliable scientific data regarding masks:

You decide for yourself what works for you, but let’s not get all totalitarian about it and decide what is best for everyone. Find your path and trust others are finding theirs. 

Social media is rife with emotional blackmail, it’s like vicious poisonous snakes spewing hate and divisiveness. It makes no sense. Let’s put aside our differences and focus on common ground – our love for each other and for the planet. For example, I am not keen on masks, but I would never ever tell someone who was wearing a mask that they should remove it! Let us be more tolerant and patient with each other. 

The Battle between Conscience and Con-science

Another interesting turn of events is the clear division between conscientious scientists (like those that have come together for the Great Barrington Declaration) that are concerned about people, their mental, emotional and physical health and what i have labelled, con-scientists, i.e. scientists who serve the agenda of big pharma and profit. It is a battle between rational humanitarian solutions and  irrational fear-mongering. It almost reminds me of the stories about the time when people believed that the earth was flat. 

The Insanity of Plastic Mask Pollution

Everybody around the world is aware that plastic is choking the planet but let’s get a single use visor anyway!! The plastic pollution is increasing with every throwaway mask and water bottle. Have a read of – They discuss how

  • Charity volunteers in Cornwall have found hundreds of pieces of covid plastic
  • PPE can easily be swallowed by sea creatures ending in a slow and painful death
  • Conservation group estimates 10m masks a month could end up in environment


And then we have the vaccines to look forward to. The flu vaccine contains the prevalent flu virus, mercury (a known poison), formaldehyde (used to embalm dead people), and antibiotics (for a virus??) etc. 

I am not particularly keen on the flu vaccine, but certainly wouldn’t prevent you from having one. Like anything else in life, you take your chances. The covid virus vaccine will contain traces of the coronavirus in it as well, so that you can become immune to it. So one way or another you are going to be exposed to it. My question – “it’s ok to be exposed to covid via the vaccine, but not ok to build up your immunity to it naturally??” 

The virus drama has highlighted the craziness of greed, political agenda, fear and control. Every physician knows that your immunity is essential for any and all healing. Don’t underestimate it. 


What has really surprised me is how easily intelligent people have fallen for the lies spun by fear. The belief that the virus is a threat to humanity is irrational. The real threat to humanity is greed and fear. 

Fear clouds the mind, it has clouded our judgement and choices. It is time to de-cloud the mind. To drop the masks (which by all accounts are more dangerous for us) to let the virus spread through the population so that we can develop the immunity we need for the next step of our evolution as a species. Washing hands is always a good thing. Social distancing has its merits. Working from home will be a bonus for some people. The initial lockdown gave the planet a chance to breathe and we could see the difference this made for all the species of the planet. But the rest… masks on children? Hand sanitiser that is flammable? (A Texan woman was burnt after using hand sanitiser Chemical overload? Throwaway plastic clothing? I am hoping that at some stage good sense will prevail. 

I am not saying that the virus is not a threat, it is a threat, a real challenge to our health and wellness, and for some to their mortality. But to fear it, is to fear nature, to fear life, to fear death (the most natural part of our existence on this planet). We need to get a grip, get real and get better informed. Life is precious, we can respect it, honour it, instead of destroying it. 

What is more Insane…

What is more insane, is that over the years, I have observed people who love each other, hurt each other, because they are not getting what they want from the other. And now more so than ever. 

There is no greater pain than seeing two people you love hurt each other… it is a tragedy that this is not an uncommon sight. I wrote the poem below after a series of incidents i was privy to, a mother and child at war with each other over tidying the room, a lover being unforgiving of their partner due to a hasty comment, siblings choosing to hate each other because of a childhood memory, friends that no longer speak to each other because of “#blacklivesmatter” or worse because of a mask…the list goes on and on. 

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The Train


looking out the window

Dancing blues and greens

Passing clouds

Reflecting hues

The rhythm

The train

of my thoughts

In front a couple,

Their eyes meet in pain,

the same accusation,

the fear of rejection.

A knowing

They belong to each other

They sneak glances

When the other isn’t looking

Surreptitious sweetness

Followed by glares

Barbed wire words to needle and strike

I wince, i want to go over and say,

“It’s not worth it, this misery you inflict on each other.”

But i don’t

It is not my business

And… yet i know them as parts of me

I gaze out of the window

Sadness engulfs me

I feel the hurt


over and over

I sense their fear

of not being in control

If only they knew

That the other just wants to be loved

I open to my sadness and let the tears find their way from my eyes to my cheeks

Where they rest for a bit before sliding down to my chin

A moment – Grace

Trusting the infinity that holds this couples love in place

I close my eyes.

In the deep within,

A golden butterfly

Lies in wait, ready to fly into the light

Or perhaps to die

It is ok

Enmeshed, she dies and is reborn

again and again

For a moment,

i open my bejewelled eyes

Their gaze meets, the wings of the butterfly flutters within,

Golden seconds melt the pain,

What else is there to do but witness

Grace intervene

Love will find a way, it always does

What You CAN

You can 

  1. When making decisions, ask, will this harm or benefit the planet, humanity and last but not least myself? Then choose accordingly. Follow your heart, it will not lead you astray. 
  2. Decide to be congruent in thought, word and deed. Cultivate compassionate thinking, speak with kindness and take positive action that serves Earth. What serves the planet, serves humanity. 
  3. Be tolerant, whether you choose to wear a mask or not, decide not to judge the person in front of you. Nobody has all the facts.
  4. Get rid of your rubbish carefully. Please. 
  5. Take care of your immune system, it’s up to you how you do it. Eddie and I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu everyday, support our healthy diet with supplements and spend time in nature.
  6. Love your friends and family, love your neighbour and enemy, this is the most efficient way to bring about lasting change.
  7. Choose Love when fear comes your way. 
Copyright Eddie Appoo

I said this to a client yesterday, i seem to be saying this a fair bit, “Just to be clear, the coronavirus is not the enemy, it is the political agendas of control that is keeping the insane charade of confusion and conflict in play. The virus is a part of nature, doing what nature intended without malice, it is humans, with their greed, fear, and need to control that is perpetuating the madness. If you don’t want to get caught up in the drama, step back from it and connect to the Truth within, your conscience will guide you and it will not fail you.”

Despite it all, love always finds a way. Love is the signpost to sanity. We CAN seek the path of sanity, the path of Truth. Remember, LOVE shines its light and points to Truth. Together, We CAN. 

This is all for now, share your thoughts, get in touch, lovingly, Ranjana

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