The Truth Unmasked

Last Friday, the 14th of August, I wore a mask for the first time. I was informed that it is now mandatory to wear a mask in the supermarket and so I did. It was a relatively unpleasant experience. I felt muzzled, silenced, and disoriented. I am not sure why, but my eyesight was affected by the mask as well. On top of that, not being able to share or see a smile was disconcerting. I am not one to thwart the government guidelines and will follow them to the best of my ability so long as they do not harm or hurt others. It is what it is, and for now, I am happy to wear the mask. It did get me thinking though. Nothing is as it seems, I perceive a layering of untruths that hide the real issue – fear.

One of my concerns is, that this method of managing fear may become the “new norm”.

It’s all about Control

The truth, from where I am standing: it’s all about control. How can we control the virus, fight it, avoid getting it, save lives? And in the name of control, let’s pollute this earth with more plastic, masks, toxic chemicals and fear. Will this work in the long run? I don’t see it working for humanity or the planet. To add to the mix there are personal and corporate agendas alongside profit-fear manipulation on an unprecedented scale. What if we stop trying to control the virus and focused on wellness, nutrition, nourishment, service, and coming into alignment with nature instead? What if we focused on our lifestyle choices? We all have a choice to buy into the fear or not.

The Confusion and Fear of Uncertainty

Eddie and I are constantly being asked, Will there be another wave? Will this ever end? Will we be safe?

Nobody knows. Everyone is guessing and nobody knows. The only way to break free of the grip of confusion is to let go of the need for certainty. Let it play out. Become the witness. Take a step back. Become proactive in the service of each other and the planet. When you share what you have; your skills, your time, your energy, your love, something powerful happens. You experience comfort in knowing that by holding another’s hands (with or without gloves) we experience solidarity in the face of the unknown. This can bring about a deepening calm and perhaps some understanding.

Why is this happening?

There are so many points of view as to why this is happening and everyone has their own perspective. All these opinions are all valid. Here are some of them:

The meat farming industry, 5G, manmade warfare, nature’s curse, aliens, imbalance, our lifestyle choices and more. I am sure there is some truth in all the explanations. What is becoming clearer is that those with compromised immunities, heavily medicated or living in polluted environments are more likely to be adversely affected. For those with a good immune system, living free of pharmaceutical drugs and having a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, the virus is not a big threat to their mortality. The real question is, “is the virus the killer, or our lifestyle choices, pollution and our lack of environmental awareness?”

The Reliance on Science

One reason for all the confusion could be the reliance on politically influenced fear based science. Also at present, most scientists don’t have any clear or conclusive answers, and people are feeling lost and angry. Nature has thrown the scientists a curve ball. And you cannot blame the scientists for scrambling in the dark. Perhaps, this is one of the humbling gifts of the virus, asking us to look beyond the body, mind and senses, to be willing to open and learn from the mystery of nature without trying to control (diminish or subdue) it. This is good time to be asking questions and listening to our conscience. Having said that, i believe that good science can help us make good choices. Good science is not about imposing an agenda, making a profit, but about looking for understanding through observation and impartial study. I have learnt that good science supports our intuition – the knowing in our hearts. If you would like to read about the rigorous (albeit ignored) scientific studies about masks, here is a link: I am actually surprised by how many well-educated self-respecting people are ignoring their common sense and getting caught up in the fear.


The biggest hurdle for humanity is to overcome is the fear of disease, dying and suffering. I often ask myself how would we be with each other, respond to life, if we didn’t fear death? I suspect life would be very very different.

So Many Questions

Is it like chicken pox? or the flu? Like glandular fever? or herpes? perhaps a malaria version of aids?

Does somebody who has had it stay infectious? Can you get it again? The answer: NOBODY KNOWS.

And if you ask reasonable questions, you are given unreasonable solutions, like, wear a mask. I ask, why? Because, by all accounts, you cannot avoid the virus, it is everywhere. On top of it there is more and more evidence to suggest the virus is not the killer but the lifestyle choices of the person who has it. I don’t think it is helpful to avoid the unavoidable, but it is helpful to be prepared when the unavoidable is knocking at the door.

Taking a Risk

The fears around taking a risk is palpable. The risk of contact with another human being. The risk of being infected. Is it possible to engage with life without taking risks? I understand parents wanting to do everything in their power to keep their children safe. And we must be vigilant about our children’s welfare. But what are teaching our children if we focus on all that is unsafe, instead of all that is safe? How do we come to terms with nature’s way of restoring harmony? Can we be willing to take a risk, hug someone we love, allow the virus to run its course, learn the lesson, promise not to keep pillaging and abusing each other or this beautiful planet of ours?

Stop in the name of Compassion

At this moment of time, I want to say out loud, “stop in the name of compassion”, stop avoiding death and disease, instead let’s take up arms against human trafficking, domestic violence, prejudice, pollution, poverty, and falsehood. There is a fight to be fought, a fight against bigotry, greed, abuse. The virus is not the enemy, our fear, need to control, hate, and anger is.

The Real Heroes

The stay-at-home parents, the delivery guys, the garbage disposal people, those who keep the day to day services going, the ones making you smile despite what is going on for them and of course the nurses are the heroes. You know who they are, I want to applaud them for being fearless, for doing what is needed, for being stretched beyond imagination and still going about their business. They are extraordinary. In the last 5 months Eddie and I have spoken and worked with a wide range of people and each person that we have encountered is looking for a way to get through the maze and flux of life, but more importantly, they are willing to dive a little deeper to get to know who they are.

Somehow, the mystery of the virus has triggered a search to unravel the mystery of the SELF. To the know the truth of who they are.


  • Meet fear with kindness, it is a symptom of ignorance and confusion
  • Be present to those that need you now
  • Embrace death, its coming anyway
  • Ask yourself do you really need to buy more shoes? Or leather handbags?
  • Take time to send loving thoughts to everyone you like and dislike
  • Pay attention to your contribution to plastic and chemical pollution
  • Choose to support the body’s immune system
  • If you see me and want to give me a hug (if you are not afraid to catch the virus from me as I might be infectious, i won’t catch it from you….) do reach out, I believe it is worth the risk.

This is all for now, lovingly, Ranjana

Ps. I want to close with this blog with a quote by Sathya Sai Baba, it resonated with me while I was writing this article.

What do we really mean by freedom of the individual? No one in the world has absolute freedom. Some people think that freedom is being able to speak out whatever they feel. True freedom consists in the recognition of that Divinity, by knowing which, all else is known. Freedom should express itself from the heart. ‘Heart’ here is not your physical heart, or related to any particular place, time or individual or a country! ‘Hrudayam’ refers to that Divine principle which is equally present everywhere, at all times and in all people, in every country. Only when unity and harmony is achieved from within, will freedom be meaningful. Without these, to talk about freedom means empty words, without any experience in real life. Also, do not think that spirituality means being alone and living in solitude. The aim of spirituality is to sow the seeds of love in all mankind and enable the buds of Peace to blossom in every mind. – Divine Discourse, May 31, 1990.

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