Exploring Spiritual Intelligence – Part 11 – Trust


Trust can be compared to a Tree, it needs time to mature and grow. If the conditions are favorable it keeps growing on and on and on, becoming a source of nourishment for others. Eddie and I often hear clients moan about their lack of trust and how difficult it is to trust and we remind them regularly that it takes time to develop trust. It grows incrementally, its benefits accumulating over time, and once it reaches a “tipping point” (the point when one experiences freedom from doubt), the effect is exponential and expansive.

Trust nurtures Self-confidence. When a person is able to trust their inner knowing and remember that within them is the source of Goodness or Godness as i like to say, they discover ways to navigate life that are empowering and in alignment with the laws of Creation.

Trust and patience are probably the most challenging qualities to master and yet these are the most valuable assets for acquiring spiritual intelligence.


The fact is we live in uncertain times and uncertainty is a part of life. We can embrace this or we can live in fear of the unknown. The ability to trust in the face of uncertainty gives one immeasurable strength and resilience.

We are taught to trust our parents, our teachers, our friends, authorities, the external world instead of trusting the God-Self that resides within us. The former leaves us dependent and reliant on others, but the latter strengthens us with self-responsibility and self-fulfillment.

The Paradox

Many many years ago, following a near death experience, i had an intense illuminating experience, i became aware of the Absolute Reality. I learnt that: I AM, THE ETERNAL EMPTINESS, THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, ALL LOVE EMERGES FROM I.

However, it took me many many years to trust the experience and live that Reality. There are days when i forget and i need to remind myself to trust the knowing. You have to learn to be patient with your mind and the habitual need to look outwards for certainty and control.

Trust is paradoxical in nature, because on the one hand it gives you permission to embrace uncertainty, and on the other it provides you with a profound sense of certainty, a reminder that there is an underlying perfection in all things.

Trust is also a choice. We can choose to trust or not. As our trust grows, our ability to live an unfettered life of infinite potential grows too.

He who considers himself free he is free indeed.
He who considers himself bound remains bound.
Constantly think of yourself as being eternal, unlimited, consciousness-bliss and you will be free and happy.
So long as you trap yourself in body consciousness you are like a lion moping about in a musty cave.
Do not feel satisfied by saying, “I am the body”.
Roar and say, “I am the Universal Absolute, I am all that is, was and will be”. Pettiness, ego, time and space – all will free from your heart and you will realise your own Divinity”

Sathya Sai Baba

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That’s all for now, Love and Trust, Ranjana

REAL FREEDOM: Know the Power of Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Letting Go

REAL FREEDOM is a 5 Week in-depth Online Practical Exploration of Acceptance, Letting Go and Forgiveness – May 2020

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The fastest way to break through the cycle of suffering is to let go, this can happen through inquiry, acceptance and forgiveness. Letting go is not to be confused with quitting, it is the art of surrender, the art of courage and freedom. The knowing that in emptying ourselves we can welcome wealth and wisdom. The inhale follows the exhale and life flows by giving and receiving.

During these 5 Weeks we will study, implement and experience the benefits of letting go, acceptance and forgiveness. It will not be easy at first, but it will reveal many possibilities, and point the way to creating an effortless liberating reality. Freedom is in your hands – now.

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