Exploring Spiritual Intelligence – Part 10 – Doubt

Doubt and the Disconnectors

One of the most notable features of spiritual intelligence is the ability to listen and act on intuition and inspiration. This requires us to connect to the Power and Presence of Love and Truth (God) within us and all around us. Doubt, impatience, disappointment and fear disconnect us from Love and Truth. If you find that you are constantly second guessing yourself then, the chances are you are not feeling particularly connected to your Truth. If you feel disappointed with any area of your life you are unable to experience the perfection of peace within you. If you are impatient with yourself and others then you are pushing away opportunities to grow. And if you are making decisions based on fear, you feel estranged from Love

Things that go Boo, and not just in the middle of the night

I have struggled with doubt, impatience, disappointment and fear for much of my life, and until a few years back, I could succumb to the seduction of the lies that doubt and its relatives spun. Words and phrases like: maybe, perhaps, are you sure, it’s not right, should, shouldn’t, must, have to, could constrict my breath and create tension in my mind. It took a while for me to understand that the power of acceptance, letting go and forgiveness could help me meet these gremlins with peace and compassion.

The Connectors

Acceptance, Forgiveness and Letting Go connect us instantly to the Source of Love and Truth. They work like a magic switch plugging us back into Truth, Self- Responsibility, Peace and Love. Acceptance opens doorways and illumines pathways. Letting go gives us the freedom to choose. While, forgiveness unburdens us of the past and liberates our future. Once we let go, really let go, stillness happens and bliss follows. The liberating joy that follows letting go and acceptance is unfathomable and exquisite.

When you ask yourself, am i attached or detached in this moment? You are asking yourself, are you wanting to control or are you letting go and allowing. You are asking, whether you are experiencing constriction or expansion. You are discerning what is false from what is true? You are opening your mind to compassion and discovering that Love is boundless.

Finding a nourishing and satisfying balance between work, play, relationship, and rest is one of the greatest challenges of our times. You do not need to do everything all at once ever. Letting go is the secret to a harmonious life. Acceptance and Forgiveness nourishes our capacity to trust and feel connected to ourselves and each other.

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That’s all for now, Love and Joy, Ranjana

Ranjana Appoo is a dynamic author and co-creator of LiberatingTouch, known for her joyful approach to life and passion for truth. Alongside her partner, Eddie Appoo, she has co-authored the book “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”. With a vibrant spirit and a commitment to Love, Ranjana continues to inspire others to embark on the paths of Self-Realisation through her writings, teachings, and compassionate presence.

REAL FREEDOM: Know the Power of Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Letting Go

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The fastest way to break through the cycle of suffering is to let go, this can happen through inquiry, acceptance and forgiveness. Letting go is not to be confused with quitting, it is the art of surrender, the art of courage and freedom. The knowing that in emptying ourselves we can welcome wealth and wisdom. The inhale follows the exhale and life flows by giving and receiving.

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