Exploring Spiritual Intelligence – Part 9 – Wisdom

Wisdom – Lessons in Love and Truth

Wisdom Born of Experience

Experience is the powerful force that shapes how we respond to life at any given moment. If we don’t take the time to evaluate and embrace our experiences, we don’t take the time to appreciate the wisdom that we gain from going through life with awareness. Experiential wisdom can strengthen our knowing and trust in the Self. If there is one quality that demonstrates spiritual intelligence, it is compassionate awareness. This is a by-product of wisdom.

Wisdom through Inquiry

We stand at the beginning of a new decade. Always a good time to do a mini review of the last ten years and open to the next ten. Inquiry can help us evaluate where are at and reveal where we are heading.

Here are four questions that can help you look back, learn, let go and move forward:

  1. What was the most intense, powerful, or joyful moment for you in the last decade and how did it impact your life? Examples of this experience could be the death of someone, graduation, moving home, having a baby, an awakening, a realisation, breaking up, finding your life partner, starting a new business/job, publishing a book, getting an award etc. For those of you that feel you can’t pick one moment, you must choose, no more than five moments! Or your mind will take over and you will not be able to move forward with clarity. Once you have noted the moment/s, observe its impact.
  2. What are your regrets over the last decade and how did that impact your life? Examples of this could be, a belief that you made a mistake, a communication that went awry, something you wished you could have avoided, a loss, a moment of anger. Note down no more than 5 of these and observe the impact these have had in your decision-making.
  3. Who would you be if you could, let go of the past, the good and the not so good, forgive yourself completely, embrace your weaknesses and strengths lovingly, let go of the future, and be open to anything and everything?
  4. Ask yourself: Can I give myself permission to detach and dismantle every limitation, every opinion, every thought, every fear and attachment? Can I liberate my desires from desperation, disappointment and control? Can I open to the infinite possibilities of Love and Truth? Can I recognise the good in me and all around me? If the answer is YES to this, then the next 10 years will be filled with experiences of awe, understanding, peace and gratitude.

Wisdom from our Mistakes

The wisdom we gain from our mistakes is life enhancing – if we are willing to learn from them. Our failures, slip-ups, melt-downs, mistakes, keep us humble, soften the heart and teach us to be compassionate. Here are 4 tenets for deepening one’s wisdom:

  1. Self-Responsibility:  I am accountable and can learn from my mistakes
  2. Peace: I forgive and embrace myself
  3. Love: I accept the consequences of all my thoughts, words and actions
  4. Truth: There are no mistakes

The Wisdom of Gratitude

Gratitude and forgiveness are doorways to freedom, love and joy.


Beyond gratitude is surrender. Beyond surrender is gratitude.

The magnitude of gratitude is beyond anything one can imagine, it’s as if the mind ceases to be in control and the light in the heart bursts through and makes our world bright. Gratitude attracts good into our lives and reflects the love of the infinite Self.

Here is an easy exercise that harnesses the benefits of gratitude: Simply place your fingers in the centre of your palm and count nine exhalations. Then mentally remember and articulate eight or nine things that you feel grateful for in the moment. For example, ‘I am grateful for this moment, I am grateful for this breath, I am grateful for the love within me, I am grateful for the light, I am grateful for my eyes, I am grateful for my friends, I am grateful for this sip of water, I am grateful for these hands…’. This is a wonderful exercise to do before you go to sleep at night.

Here is a LiberatingTouch® Sequence for Gratitude

First bring your awareness to everything that you are grateful for, notice your vibration, what happens to your body, mind and life when you are rooted in gratitude, harness this power. Breathe it in

Secondly ask yourself what is it you really, really, really want in your life? See the vision, hear the song, taste the joy.

Thirdly, investigate and inquire what stops you and what is holding you back? What is your greatest fear? What are you resisting? Notice how your fear colours your vision and your life.

Finally, embrace (accept) the vision that has been tainted by fear as best as you lovingly can. Once you have done this, imagine pouring gratitude into the fear tainted vision. What if you can breathe gratitude into your vision? What happens to it?

This Sequence is about focusing on gratitude, and only then getting clear about what you want and what you want to change. Then, investigate whatever is holding you back, pay attention to your resistance. Finally bring your awareness into everything that you are grateful for and use that energy to create change.

Feel free to share the Wisdom.

Love and Joy, Ranjana

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