Exploring Spiritual Intelligence – Part 6 – Power

Potential, Power, Purity and Presence

There are four aspects/concepts of Spiritual Intelligence that bring about enormous transformation. These are: the Recognition of Potential, the ability to Reclaim Power, the imperative to Choose Purity and Know Presence.

Recognise Potential

At any given moment in time or space, it is important to recognise the potential present, even if it is not apparent. So, you may be faced with a challenge that stretches your coping mechanisms to the max. If you can recognise that here is an opportunity for growth and expansion, or the opportunity to reveal hidden powers of resilience or that the situation is about uncreating the old and creating something positive. Then you recognise the potential and feel supported by this recognition.

Reclaim Power

The power to choose your state of mind and emotions, has a huge impact on the way you express and act. It also dictates how you experience life. An example here would be, perhaps you give away your power to self-doubt, fear, unhelpful criticism, impatience and shame. You need to reclaim that power and discover trust, love, encouragement, patience and integrity.

Choose Purity

This is an ongoing process of active awareness, whereby, you commit to honesty and integrity in all interactions. You are attentive to your environment, your community, your time and your internal chatter. You watch out for triggers that seemingly force you to react with anger instead of responding with calm confidence. This entails patience.

Know Presence

Knowing that you are not limited to the confines of your body and mind allows you to discover solutions and pathways that are liberating. Once you know that time and space are containers of consciousness and that they are more fluid than you can imagine, you begin to explore the world around you with loving curiosity. You meld inspiration and practical know-how with discernment.

Not Enough Time

Now let’s apply these four principles in the most basic way to one of the most common challenges of today; “Not enough time”. This is something Eddie and I hear a lot. Repeated often enough it becomes a limiting belief and a mega hurdle to growth. Argue for your limitations and they are yours. So you feel pressured, that you don’t have enough time, have not been able to priortise, have a growing to do list and your desires are not being acknowledged let alone fulfilled and you believe that you are getting nowhere.

  • Recognise Potential: Notice the time that you have now, use it, brush your teeth, enjoy breakfast, rest, drink some water, call a friend, do just one thing and open to the possibility that it could be enough. It is enough.
  • Reclaim Power: Decide to trust, you make a difference by being here, by showing up, by smiling, by listening, by paying attention and being compassionate.
  • Choose Purity: Notice when and how you get into a flap, exhale, let go, inhale, receive the life force available to you in the breath. Unload the grime of criticism and open to the positive action that you can take now.
  • Know Presence: When you have let go of the thought that you and your efforts are going nowhere, you are Now Here. Anything is possible. Your focus can effortlessly shift from what you have not done to what you have done and what you are doing. You can appreciate the mystery of the unknown working through your life. You bring miracles into existence because your thoughts and actions arise from clarity, intuition and Love.

What would happen in your life if you woke up in the morning with the thought, “I have enough time”, “time is my friend”, “anything is possible is today”, “time is on my side”, “I have time”, “whatever needs to get done will be, everything else can wait”, “I am free, I collaborate with time”?

Every moment matters (Know Potential), every breath counts (Reclaim Power), every smile makes the universe sing (Choose Purity). You choose (Know Presence).

Lovingly, Ranjana


To find out more about how you can practice these principles we invite you to book a LiberatingTouch® Intensive with Eddie and Ranjana.

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