Exploring Spiritual Intelligence – Part 5 – Flow


F = Focus, Find, Follow

L = Love (Enthusiasm, Understanding, Compassion)

with O = Openness (Clarity, Potential, Possibility)

and W = Wonder (Awe, Humility, Passion, Curiosity)

Do you make unrealistic demands of yourself and your time? I know I do. Having said that, i now have the good sense to appreciate the craziness of my ever growing to do lists with humour and even better sense to tear them up, often. Just so that i can make a new one which may be a little bit more realistic (not!!).


I suddenly slipped effortlessly into FLOW … The place of balance, of going with the flow, of trusting doing, trusting being, trusting the flow that embraced both

Being ————–FLOWING————–Doing

Doing ————–FLOWING————– Being

Imagine living a life of graceful elegance of  effortless FLOW 

Ranjana’s Journal Entry from October 2012

Despite the habit of overburdening myself, I now engage more and more with FLOW. This has helped me discover patience, openness and space. When I experience patience as my reality I am filled with an extraordinary lightness and possibility. Intuitive flow aligns me with the Bliss of Doing, Flowing, and Being. Life makes me smile and my tears make me smile.

It is a wonderful thing to share a smile, to do so without any expectation of reciprocation, without any need to please or be pleasant, without pretense, without hiding, without fear. This is effortless being, flowing, doing…. smiling…. What stops me or you experiencing the state of flow? There are many answers, and they all have merit. In this blog, I want to bring your attention to TIME.


As part of my research for this blog, i reflected on films that have captured the public’s imagination. I discovered a common gripping element, “the race against time”. Imagine Matrix, Star Wars, Titanic, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings etc. without this riveting tension. What if we were no longer in a race against time? What if time flows as we flow and what if we can influence that flow with our awareness?

Our mentality (mind set) is so locked up in the limitations of time that I wonder if we have lost sight of timelessness, eternity, immortality, beauty…FLOW. I am not saying that we should ignore the constraints of time or somehow transcend the measurement of time – but perhaps we could entertain a little balance? Perhaps create a little space…space to remember the Eternal Infinite Constant.  A little patience (willingness), openness (trust), emptiness (space) for FLOW: Focused –Loving — Omni (Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient) – Wisdom.

Here are some questions to ponder over:

  • Have you ever experienced a sense of flow in your life?
  • How do you know that you are in the flow?
  • Do you recognise when your life is not in flow?
  • What do you require to be in FLOW?

There are many LiberatingTouch Processes and Sequences to help you discover FLOW on your journey inwards and outwards, and help you express the Love, Truth and Presence that you are.

Lovingly, Ranjana


To find out more about implementing intuitive flow, we invite you to book a LiberatingTouch® Intensive with Eddie and Ranjana.


  1. Angela Kirk
    6th August 2019

    Thank you for these blogs. A timely reminder to allow flow instead of feeling pressure. When I can get out of my mind and let go of expectations and fears it makes such a difference. And doing the sequences has really helped this week.

  2. Appoo
    7th August 2019

    Thank you Angela, it is such a joy to read your comment.

  3. Shelley
    7th August 2019

    Thank you, as always for your perfectly timed and timeless words, reflections, insights. Food for eternal thought.

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