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What We CAN (Conscious Action Now)

This blog has been created by Ranjana and Eddie Appoo. The What We CAN blog posts will focus on one of four areas with links to relevant articles

  • Responsibility (Dharma)

Being accountable and taking responsibility for our actions, expression and thoughts empowers us.

  • Wealth (Artha)

Wealth comes in many shapes and forms, health, financial security, contentment, Grace.

  • Desire (Kama)

Knowing what we desire allows to engage with life and the world around us with conscious intentionality.

  • Liberation (Moksha)

This is closest to our heart; it is the pursuit of Truth with Love.

We will focus on spiritual intelligence, personal development, cultivating loving relationships, understanding the psychology of trauma and recovery, the importance of culture and community. We will share practical resources, news about ethical business, updates on health, nutrition, the environment, and energy medicine and more.

To find out more about the authors, Eddie and Ranjana go to www.emotionalhealthcentre.com

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